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This product is for special order cutters.

Please contact me before order.


A little explanation of the options:

Simple Outline

This option would be for simple shapes that you have already have a drawing or picture of. For example a cartoon character shape. If you send me a picture of a character I can trace it and make a cutter for you. But, since cartoons are copy written art I cannot advertise these shapes or sell them with their names on them. These cutters will just be simple outlines. No label or description.


Detailed Outline

This option would be for a more detailed shape. Like tracing the outline of Mount Desert Island. Some cartoon characters may also fit into this option if they are very detailed.


Additional Cutter

This one is pretty self explanatory. You must first order an outline option, then if you would like additional cutter of the same design you can add that quantity here. These additional cutters do not need to be the same size. Just the same outline.



Remember to hand wash only. The plastic used to make these cutters is food safe, but not dishwasher safe. The dishwasher will soften the plastic and it will warp.

Custom Cookie Cutter

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