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Here are a few things you can expect from my STL files.

Each download contains all available sizes of the cookie cutter. (Typically Mini-XS-S-M-L-XL-Jumbo) But some have details too small to offer in Mini and XS.

Sizing is coordinated for most of my cutters. All of my cutters that are labeled “M” for medium will be sized similar to any other cutter labeled “M”. 

Here is a list of approximate measurement of a cutter on its long side. (each one is a little different depending on shape)

Mini - 1"

XS - 2"

S - 2-1/2"

M - 3"

L - 3-1/2"

XL - 4"

Jumbo - 4-1/2"

In the zip file I also include a text file with a few tips for getting the best print.


All cutters are designed with the same depth, cutting edge, and hang grip profile. Take a look at the example photos.

Cutting depth is 3/4” or 20mm

Cutting Edge Example

Cutting Edge2.jpg

Handle Example

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